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Property Mortgage funding
Thinking about buying a home?
We have first mortgage funds available through Opie & Dron Solicitors Nominee Company. Contact Douglas Dron to discuss the services we offer:
Competitive interest rates
No loan establishment fee
Two year terms

Property Purchases
Found your dream home? We can help you with your purchase.
Make sure that we have an opportunity to approve the sale and purchase agreement before you sign.
We offer:
Free quotes
Independent valuation, and a building and LIMS report, if needed
No charge for our services if your purchase does not go through
Free Will writing as part of your purchasing package
Click here to view the properties currently listed.

Property Sales
Found a buyer for your home? We recommend you allow us to sight the agreement before you sign. In this way, we can protect your interests.
We offer:
Free quotes
Liaison between all parties
If your sale does not proceed, we do not charge for our services
Click here to view the properties currently listed.

Family and Matrimonial Litigation
Going through the stress of a relationship breakup, custody and/or access issues?
We have the expertise to guide you through. We offer personalized and prompt assistance and we endeavour to protect your interests throughout.

Civil and Criminal Litigation
Involved in civil or criminal litigation?
We have over 12 years' combined experience in civil and criminal litigation. They have expertise in all types of civil and criminal cases. Contact Tony Thackery to discuss your criminal requirements.

Matrimonial and Relationship Agreements
You may wish to draw up an agreement between you and your partner about, for example, property division should you separate.
These agreements are becoming more important in today's society, and can be simple to arrange. We are available to discuss your needs in these areas.

Estate Administration
On the death of a family member, the family needs guidance and assistance. We offer personalized service from the first interview to the final administration of the estate. We ensure that the minor details are all dealt with sensitively and promptly.
We offer:
Efficient estate administration
Full reports on final administration
Competitive fees

We recommend that everyone review their Will regularly. Call now to arrange a personal interview, so that you can discuss your needs in regard to family and belongings.

Enduring Powers of Attorney
You are able to nominate a trusted person to look after your legal needs, giving the person Power of Attorney. There are two types of Powers of Attorney; one for property (including realty and bank accounts) and one for personal care and welfare. They can take effect immediately on signing if necessary, or only if one becomes mentally incapable. Call us to discuss these Enduring Powers of Attorney and why we recommend them.

Family Trusts
You may wonder if you need a Family Trust to protect your family's assets. This may involve our management and investment of your finances for family members' future use. Contact us, so that we can discuss whether or not a Family Trust is viable for you.

Need assistance with your lease?
We are experienced in lease preparation, or we can also check your lease for accuracy and relevance. Landlord or tenant... we can protect your needs in either case.

Interpreting -- Mandarin and Cantonese
New to New Zealand?
Are you new to New Zealand, or are you not confident in speaking English? Our interpreters can be available on prior notice to assist you. Our interpreter is regularly used by the Department of Courts or the New Zealand Police to interpret both Mandarin and Cantonese.

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